Meet Mandeep Kaur-the entrepreneur who is building tribes of changemakers

Tribes For Good

People have to understand that unless social enterprise is experimental, it will not succeed in making a difference.” – Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder, Acumen

Impactpreneurs captures yet another story of a changemaker, Mandeep Kaur, founder of Tribes For Good, who left a stable corporate job in marketing to make an impact in the social sector. After leaving her job, she spent two years volunteering to gather an understanding of the different stakeholders in the ecosystem – NGOs, venture capitalists, accelerator programmes.

During this period, she realised that there is a talent gap in the social sector and decided to fix it, leading to the inception of Tribes For Good. Tribes For Good is an experiential learning programme wherein people (who are shifting to the development sector, people on a sabbatical period, students) looking forward to understanding the social sector can take on this journey. They are actively running in Hyderabad.

Mandeep Kaur, founder of Tribes for Good

Programmes involve meeting social entrepreneurs, volunteering, attending workshops and bootcamps. A tour has maximum 20 people where they divide them into two groups of 10 people. Through these programmes, they aim to make the participants understand the glocal issues, innovative approaches and cultural agility. Basically, Tribes For Good offers different types of services:

  1. Educational Tours: The educational tours are of three different types; community development, social enterprise and tailored tours. These tours aim to broaden the horizons of the participants and understand the cultural diversity of the nation. Group of individuals go through workshop lectures on a specific theme like sustainable goals, education, gender equality and livelihood.
  2. Day Immersion: One day programme wherein participants get to know a social enterprise and the changemaker behind it.
  3. Training: Customized full day/ half day training for social enterprises and universities.

The tribe is now headed to bring training and group programmes for capacity building.


Mandeep with her tribe during training


While talking about the challenges, Mandeep mentioned how important it is to find the right organisation as a partner. They do a thorough background digging of the company with whom they plan to collaborate. They look into the objective, the impact created, awards won, working model etc of the company.

Tribes For Good pays back the tie-up companies partly from their own pocket and partially from the money earned from the participants. These tie-up companies accept the payment either as consulting or donation fee.

Mandeep also shared a story of a fellow named Clara who came to India in the search of a meaningful career. Through Tribes For Good, she got in touch with changemakers and learnt about the social sector. Tribes For Good pave the way for her passion for travelling and social sector (especially related to women and children).

“It is extremely important to learn how to handle rejection, when things don’t go your way or as you had expected. To bring in social change, one requires a lot of hardwork, determination and persistence, ” said Mandeep when asked to give an advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs. 

If you want to be a part of the journey organized by Tribes For Good then keep your schedule for May free as they are launching their next journey in May 2018.

Pic Credits: Tribes For Good

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