How to use blogs to tell your Social Enterprise story

blogging and social enterprises

Social Enterprises by young entrepreneurs are blooming in the current era at a high rate. They require a platform to popularize themselves which is definitely not an easy task to do so. For this you have two options; one is social media and the other is blogging. In our earlier post, we covered 8 social media strategies that could help social enterprises reach out to a wider audience. In this, we focus on the latter. However, if you leverage the power of both, the results will be astounding.

Blindfolded by the thought that social media is the only ‘sensational’ medium  in the current market, brands often forget to build an enterprise reputation. Blogging provides you that reputation. It gives you a visibility, a chance to connect to your target readers, a platform to showcase your leadership. We have carved  out something tangible for you to ponder over. Following are the five ways to use your blog to speak your social enterprise story.

  • Spill the Beans Out, Tell Your Story

Your blog is the digital hub of all your thoughts. Share your ideas and your value system. Make sure you keep your blog updated with the latest developments of the company. A dead blog will never attract users rather, it will steal away your existing customer base. Position yourself as an industry expert by offering guidance and other useful tips. Share some articles on  customers’ experience where your enterprise  has delivered more than the expectations of the customer. All those glorifying stories will bring you in the limelight  and you will reap its benefits in the long run.  Check out this brilliant way of bringing out last mile stories by SELCO – one of the pioneers in energy access.  You could also write to us and we would be happy to cover your social enterprise story. Here is our coverage on Reap Benefit a social enterprise that is innovating local solutions to solve local environmental and civic problems.



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  • Invite Others to be a Part of Your Blog

When you invite others to write for you, it shows that you are empathetic and you respect the other person’s viewpoint. When you start blogging, you will notice that slowly the content of your blog is  becoming more ‘company-centric’ rather than ‘people-centric’. So to lend a fresh feel to the blog, be courteous and invite a popular blogger from the same field to write for you. You can offer them a link back to their website as a thank you gesture.


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  • Connect With Your Readers

Connecting with your readers is the most important part of blog writing to build your rapport. Develop a human side and show your readers how much you value their comments/feedbacks/suggestions. Reward them with an occasional guest appearance on the website or with goodies. Always be proactive in replying to the comments by readers. This shows that you are as excited  as they are. If there is a common concern of users, try to provide them with a quick resolution.


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  • Write Magnetic Content

This is probably the first thing you should work upon that is to nurture your thought into a provoking article which will reach to the targeted mass rapidly. If you fail, you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression. If your content is like the nectar to honeybees, it will automatically fodder all the  social media channels. You have to plant the right seeds into the heart of your blog, optimize your content, take care of your meta tags, find the most popular keywords and sprinkle them extensively. Only then, the alluring  plant will appear on the Google’s globe. To view a sample, read what makes a social entrepreneur stand out.


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  • Link your blog to social media websites

There was a time when you had to buy ‘traffic’ to your website. But now, social media is creating ripples in the field of marketing and we swear on this by the power of social media. Put up all the possible sharing buttons in your blog. Link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to the blog. Social media is a powerful tool to leverage maximum reach if used prudently. The reason why social media cannot provide you with loyal customers is that when they go to your website, they want to know more about you but the website is all about the services which you provide.   A blog is like a faithful friend who is always around. You can also cross-post content on Medium to make your content discoverable to a wide range of readers. Here is our medium publication-Imapctpreneurs.


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Honestly, there is no magical spell which will ensure that your story will be heard among the masses. But a blog is a belief that you acquire, for yourself and for your readers. A blog offers credibility of  your enterprise. You do not need another platform to showcase your accomplishments; rather, you are saving it in the history book through your blog content. Blogging, of course, has some pros and cons , you can visit the link to get started with the basics of blogging. If you are still in fix why a company requires its own blog then do read the 11 top benefits of having a company blog.

The main aim of any blog is to develop people’s faith in the organization which will stay undeterred by the waves of social media. In one of the  famous episodes of  TED Talks, Simon Sinek explains how leaders inspire action by communicating clearly why, what and how their organization is doing. Hence, the blogs are the most effective platform for social entrepreneurs to communicate that story.

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