Top 10 Agri Tech Social Enterprises in India


Agriculture plays a vital role in the GDP of India. 58% of Indian rural household is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood.  Here are few agri tech social enterprises who are working day and night to improve agriculture with the help of latest technology.

  1. Agrostar

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  • Aim: To transform Agri-business and simplify the lives of farmers.
  • Product: “Direct to farmer” m-commerce is a platform where farmers can acquire agri-inputs at their doorstep by just giving a missed call on 1800 number and the executive will return the call and take care of the rest.

The agri-inputs include seed, crop nutrition, crop protection and hardware. It focuses primarily to provide Quality, Convenience, Availability, Price, Ease of Use and Service to the farmers. 

  1. Kisan Raja

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  • Aim: To ensure food security by making agriculture farmer-friendly.
  • Product: GSM-based Mobile Motor Controller which is controlled by the farmers even from their homes through mobile phones or landlines.

Earlier farmers used to get up at odd hours to switch off the motors. This agri tech social enterprise resolved this problem. Its key features are Convenience, Protection and Comprehension. 

  1. Ekgaon

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  • Aim: To enrich 25 million households by 2020.
  • Product: Uses web and mobile applications to provide financial (credit, savings, remittance, insurance, investment and mortgage on mobile phones), agricultural (Interactive Voice Response System, Voice Recognition in Hindi, Telugu and Gujarati on mobile phones and weather information on web) and government-related services (awareness of government programmes and services entitled to farmers through web)., a marketplace which provides “Direct from Farmer Produce” to urban customers.

It is South Asia’s first platform to provide financial assistance through mobile phones. Ekgaon works with the motive to provide One Village and One World Network platform where  mobile technology is used to encourage sustainable development of Self Help Groups and small farmers across India.

  1. Digital Green

digital green

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  • Aim: To integrate innovative technology with global development to create a world where all humans live with dignity.
  • Product: Training to farmers are given through videos where their problems and solutions are shown. Two online games, Wonder Village and Farmer Book where players are related as farmers with whom Digital Green works.

This agri tech is a non-profit international organization which is busy in developing rural lives in South Asia and Sub-Saharan areas. It has mingled technology and social organizations to upgrade agriculture, health and nutrition.

  1. Skymet

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  • Aim: To forecast accurate weather condition to prepare the farmers to act accordingly and avoid unncessary damages. 
  • Product: Crop Insurance, Weather Forecast, Media and Risk Management.

They believe to be the experts in measuring, predicting and limiting climate risk to agriculture. This, no doubt enhances the yield as it prepares the farmers for drought and heavy rainfall, and consecutively prepares farmers to take preventive measures for the same.

  1. Reuters Market Light (RML)


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  • Aim: To provide Agri Decision Support Solution to farmers through cuttinge-edge technology.
  • Product: RML Farmer, RML Trader and Redge.

RML makes sure that farmers are selling their produce at an appropriate rate. It helps in linking farmers, traders and agribusiness companies. It has benefited over 2 million people from 13 Indian states.

7 . Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

jain irrigation systems

This agri tech social enterprise is the second largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world and has 55% share in India. It has become One-Stop Hi-tech Agri Shop. It has brought revolution in the Indian irrigation system with the help of latest technology which are using cutting-edge research and development to save water and increase the crop yield.

8. Nanopix

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India’s Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh selected Nanopix as the “Distinguished Entrepreneur and Innovator” and invited to participate in “Start-up India, Stand-up India“. Nanosorter, a machine based on patented ImageIn Technology helps cashew farmers in grading and sorting on the basis of color, size and type in just single pass.

9. Rain Water Concepts Pvt Ltd.

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  • Aim: To bring water literacy in India and promote rainwater harvesting.
  • Product: Rainwater harvesting solutions. 

This agri tech has technologies which encompass irrigation and rain water harvesting, urban and rural rainwater harvesting, bore-well recharging, subsoil recharging, stream-water harvesting, groundwater recharging, non-irrigational agriculture, and the recycling of used water.

10. Barrix Agro Sciences Pvt Ltd.

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  • Aim: To promote organic farming to volumnize the producitivity, and to protect the crops and living organisims with minimal expenditure. Hence, increasing the GDP of the country.
  • Product: Pest Mangement Solution and Nutritional Managment Solution.

This agri tech enterprise provides farmers with effective, affordable and eco-friendly crop protection methods using latest technologies. It believes in 4-step process; Research, Develop, Produce and Market. Not only this, it has its own e-shop from where one can buy organic products.

Agri tech social enterprises are increasing awareness among the Indian farmers. Apart from the ones listed above, there are many more agri tech social enterprises which are busy developing rural India. There are many incubators like Deshpande Foundation (incubating Nanopix) who are backing up these agri tech social enterprises.

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