10 Notable Women Social Entrepreneurs

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Women entrepreneurs are kindling in the entrepreneurial world. Impactpreneurs lists few women social entrepreneurs who are striving to make this world a better place. 

1.  Sairee Chahal, Founder and CEO of Sheroes


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  • Problem: We all know many women leave their jobs either to look after their family or because their parents call them back to their homes to get married. After, they have a break in their career; it becomes difficult for them to restart it. Many women though having talent cannot work because they need to prioritize their families and they lack time to go to an office on a daily basis.
  • Change brought in the society: Sairee brought a revolution in this field by bringing business and women on the same platform. She started an online portal which provides flexible jobs for women in any phase of their lives. Her venture has helped 1,000,000 women to become independent.
  • Profile: She is an Aspen Fellow who did her M. Phil in International Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and PG from IMT, Ghaziabad in Business Management. Moreover, she has also worked with Advertising & Marketing magazine as a journalist.

2.  Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder of Social Cops


 Social Cops
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  • Problem: It is difficult to bring social and civic issues to the attention of government authorities. Many times, we lack exact statistics regarding various issues in the society. Hence, appropriate actions cannot be taken because of lack of accurate data.
  • Change brought in the society: Social Cops, is a data intelligence company which bridges the gap between the citizens, government authorities, NGOs and commercial enterprises. It follows three steps to resolve the problems; Collect, Discover and Visualize. Hence, it helps in reducing the time and cost in the decision-making process. It also looks after the problems recorded by the citizens are resolved or not. It uses web, mobile phones and crowdsources citizens to gather data.
  • Profile: An AIESECer who studied Bio-Tech from IIT-KGP and landed in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for Bachelor’s in Engineering. Now, she is a Social Cop.

 3.  Aditi Gupta, Founder of  Menstrupedia


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  • Problem: A female undergoing her menstrual cycle is considered impure and untouchable. Even till now, they  feel ashamed to openly purchase sanitary napkins and often are oblivious to the facts about menstrual cycle and puberty.
  • Change brought in the society: Menstrupedia came up with an innovative idea of imparting knowledge about menstruation. It aims to break the taboo related to menstruation by delivering informative content through different media. To make this entertaining, it conveys the information through comics and video journals which have proved to be the best tools to educate youngsters.
  • Profile: She is an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer and a postgraduate in New Media Design from National Institute of Design. She later co-founded Menstrupedia with her husband, Tuhin Paul.

4.  Priya Naik, Founder Joint Managing Director of Samhita Social Ventures


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  • Problem: Companies search for grassroots partners for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, NGOs hunt for funds and donors search for a trustworthy platform to do charity.
  • Change brought in the society: Samhita ( which means collective good) provides a platform where NGOs, companies, donor agencies, individuals, philanthropists, foundations and researchers can interact with each other and “do good better“.
  • Profile: She has Master’s degrees from Yale, Michigan and Mumbai universities in Economics, Public Policy and Commerce. She was  a researcher at Poverty Action Lab at MIT too. Naik also went to Harvard Business School. She is also an advisor at National Social Entrepreneurship Forum.

5.  Shaheen Mistri, Founder and CEO of Teach For India


teach for india
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  • Problem: Not all in India can afford a high-quality education. We lack efficient and dedicated teachers at the grassroots level. Hence, India lacks leadership in education. 
  • Change brought in the society: Teach For India resolves the deficit of leadership in education with the help of its Fellowship Program and Alumni Movement. Fellows from reputed universities and workplaces teach children from low-income families for full-time. These fellows get the chance to understand the root problems of India. Hence, these fellows identify their roles and work towards ending the inequity in education.
  • Profile: She has Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from University of Manchester, England and St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai,India respectively. She was also the founder and CEO of Akanksha Foundation.

 6.  Akanksha Hazari, Founder and CEO of m.Paani


m. paani
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  • Problem: In India, underprivileged people don’t have access to credit and also to important developmental services like education and water. 
  • Change brought in the society: m.Paani  is India’s first mass-market loyalty platform. Users of  m.Paani platform are rewarded with points for using mobile phones or buying Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG). Thereafter, this profit is monetized into products and services like drinking water, energy, education and healthcare to uplift the lives of the rural people.
  • Profile: She has Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge and had gone to Princeton University to study Politics. She was also one of the Board of Directors at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

7.   Sheetal Mehta Walsh, Founder and President of Shanti Life


shanti life
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  • Problem: Indian entrepreneurs face tremendous difficulties in accessing credit facilities.
  • Change brought in the society: Shanti Life provides microfinance to the budding entrepreneurs of rural India. ShantiLife has the lowest interest rate among all the Micro Finance Institutions. They provide a sustainable living, safe water, eco-sanitation toilets and facilities to women farmers too. 
  • Profile: She has Master’s degree from London School of Economics and Political Science in International Relations and Bachelor’s from the University of Alberta in Political Science. She is also the Co-Founder of Meta Cert.

8.  Neha Juneja, Co-Founder of  Greenway Grameen Infra


Greenway Grameen Infra
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  • Problem: About 3 million people cook using solid fuels (wood, charcoal etc) across the globe. Over 10 lakhs people die prematurely every year because of pollution caused by mud stoves in India. 
  • Change brought in the society: Greenway introduced alternative of mud chulhas (stoves).  It lowers the smoke emission by 70% and also saves fuel by 65% while using these solid biomass fuels. 
  • Profile: She has MBA’s degree from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and has Master’s degree in Production and Industrial Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

9.  Anu Sridharan, Co-Founder and CEO of NextDrop Inc


NextDrop Inc
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  • Problem: In India, timely water supply has always been a topic of concern. Moreover, we all know about the deficit of drinking water condition in the world.
  • Change brought in the society: NextDrop uses mobile technology to deliver information through SMS to urban residents regarding water supply and pipeline issues. Residents can avail this service at a nominal cost of Rs. 10. Moreover, NextDrop captures all the data related to water and helps engineers to tackle problems in real time.
  • Profile: She has Master’s as well as Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Civil Systems Engineering and Civil Engineering respectively.

10.  Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource


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  • Problem: Today, global poverty is a major concern of the world. To get employed in today’s world, computer literacy is of utmost importance. As we all know, not all are computer literate today, especially in the developing countries. 
  • Change brought in the society: Samasource brings small chunks of computer projects from a larger project for poor masses of the developing countries (India, Pakistan, Kenya, Haiti and Uganda). They also train and support these low-income groups to become computer literates. Hence, making them live their lives with dignity.
  • Profile: She has Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in Development Studies. She had also gone to California Academy of Mathematics and Science. She is also the Founder and CEO of Samaschool and Samahope which are the sister-companies of Samasource and are part of Sama Group. Moreover, she has also started a luxury brand, LXMI.

These social women entrepreneurs are indeed doing remarkable work to improve the livelihoods of many.  They not only handle their enterprises prudently but also manage their families exceptionally. They all have been awarded by prestigious awards or have won prestigious Business Plan Competitions or recognized by reputed newspapers.

To know more about such revolutionary founders, you can visit Impactpreneurs.

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