Top 10 Health Focussed Social Enterprises in India

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 “He who has health, has hope;
and he who has hope, has everything.
– By Thomas Carlyle

Unlike ICC who ranks India’s cricket team as number 1,  WHO ranks India at a swooping number of 112 out of 190 countries. To tackle the situation, the Indian government has taken considerable steps to cater to the increased demand of primary health care setups in rural areas and providing assistance to the budding pharmaceutical sector. The medley of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the field of  healthcare has resulted in the eradication of  social barriers and traditional approaches to treatment. Some technological innovations have been made by the ignited minds who saw the potholes in our current healthcare system. Impactpreneurs brings 10 social enterprises of India which have been working tirelessly to provide better medical amenities. 

  1. Ekam Eco Solutions


3.5 million people die every year because of lack of water or improper sanitation. The urban population is lucky enough to receive the continuous fresh water supply. Hence, the onus of using water judiciously lies on their shoulders. Ekam Eco Solutions came with the idea to reduce the wastage of water not only by closing the tap while brushing or shaving but also while flushing. Ekam Eco Solutions entered the market with their flagship product, waterless urinals which help in saving approximately 10-15 litres of water while flushing.

  1. Bempu


Bempu aims at reducing the infant mortality rate with its unique invention, Bempu Bracelet. This bracelet is a colourful wristband which is tied on the newborn’s wrist to monitor baby’s body temperature. After a lot of field research, it was identified that one of the reasons for neonatal deaths is pneumonia. This simple bracelet keeps track of any fall in the baby’s body temperature and starts beeping to draw mother’s attention. The invention has caused ripples in the area of neonatal healthcare. With its tiny steps, Bempu is making mighty developments and saving a lot of infants.

  1. BloodConnect

blood connect

Amongst all inventions which medical science has made, there is one area where scientists are still struggling i.e. manufacturing of blood. BloodConnect started helpline with a five-member team having a noble intention of solving the gap between the donors and receivers. After 3 years, they have grown into a charismatic team spanning over four cities and are solving the crisis. A not-for-profit organisation running with the sole aim of saving lives encourages youth to donate and actively spread awareness about the benefits of blood donation.

  1. Embrace Innovations

embrace innovations

Approximately three million babies die within first 28 days of their life due to lack of incubators.  Embrace Innovations saw the need to curb early infant deaths due to lack of state-of-the-art facilities. So, Embrace Innovations  has combined the human-centered design with sensors and big data analytics to save million innocent lives. Embrace Infant Warmers and Little Lotus are its flagship products. Embrace Infant Warmers are portable warmers designed for ambulances and hospitals when skin-to-skin care is not available. Moreover, Little Lotus provides ideal temperature to the babies. 

  1. Neurosynaptic Communications

neurosynaptic communications

An ISO certified company, Neurosynaptic offers high-quality remote healthcare delivery solutions. It has been validated by the reputed medical institutions of India for its accuracy and quality methods. It connects various doctors, Mobile Health Workers (MHWs), diagnostic labs and hospitals to avail quality healthcare to the rural population at an affordable price.   

  1. Operation Asha

operation asha

Operation Asha aims to revolutionise the old treatment for Tuberculosis in slums and rural community. On closely working with the WHO’s treatment model, they have joined hands with experts of the same field who deliver treatment to TB patients at their doorstep. The disease is old but their method to eliminate it is new. Partnered with Microsoft research, they have developed eCompliance, which is a monitoring system to keep track of DOTS treatment of all patients.

  1. iKure


iKure has made an instrumental progress in providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the rural section of the society. With a blend of technology and human care, iKure aims to enable remote monitoring of patients using their publicly praised product, WHIMSBy 2020, iKure seeks to eradicate the major diseases which have been prevalent for almost a decade. They are creating a network of highly skilled health workers and are providing cutting-edge technology to improve accessibility to healthcare.

  1. imedilane


What if you are critically ill and you end up with an inexperienced doctor in a rush? How wonderful would it be if we have the option to find a good doctor who is just a click away? Well, somebody has heard your wish! imedilane avails you with expert guidance and reliable treatment to make your life better and healthier. imedilane gives you the option to choose your own doctor by comparing various doctors, to pay them online and get consulted. imedilane educates you about signs and symptoms of various diseases. imedilane is easy, cost-effective and credible.

  1. Aaji Care

aaji care

As the name suggests, this social enterprise works towards making the lives of elderly people easier and healthier. Aaji Care believes that you don’t need to be a genius or rich to make someone’s life easier, all you need to do is CARE. Aji Care uplifts the women and girls of low-income families by shaking hands with them. They make them skilled and compassionate caregivers. Hence, changing the way our society looks at women.       

  1. Healthberries


Healthberries believes in the very say, ” Prevention is better than cure“. The LIVELONG plan which is a 365-day health monitoring plan ensures to get a whole body screening to detect ailments like cancer, stress, diabetes etc so that diseases can be prevented well before their symptoms starts becoming prominent.

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