Social Development Fellowships to Look Forward in 2018


Social development fellowships offer opportunities to high achieving individuals to spend some time working on problems that can have a huge positive impact on the society. They also bring out the leadership qualities out of the fellows and serve as a platform for personal development. Impactpreneurs has listed few promising fellowship programmes of 2018.  You can subscribe to your calendar so as not miss the dates for them.

  1. Media For Social Change
    Duration: Two months
    About: Media For Change is an initiation by YES Foundation which is run by YES Bank wherein they train and educate young minds who want to bring change in the society. It is also run in association with ISDI-WPP School of Communication. It is an opportunity to interact and understand the current scenario of the development sector from the industry stalwarts.  A stipend of INR 10,000 is offered to the fellows.


  1. Echoing Green Fellowship
    Duration: Two years
    About: Echoing Green is a global fellowship program where they incubate social entrepreneurs and seed fund them with more than $2 million. The participating social entrepreneurs should have a company with a minimum of 2 years of existence in the market. It provides leadership development, peer mentorship and networking opportunities.


  1. Cordes Fellowship
    Duration: 4 days
    About: Cordes Fellowship provides a space to discuss and research issues around poverty and economic injustice. It provides a platform for the like-minded to collaborate and share insights with each other on the prevailing issues. Only one senior professional can take part in the event and organizations which have already participated in previous collaborations are also not allowed to take part again. Both for-profit and not-for-profit social enterprises are eligible to take part in fellowship programme.


  1. Dalai Lama Fellowship
    Duration: One year
    About: It was founded in 2010 by the support of the fourteenth Dalai Lama. It strictly adheres to five core values- integrity, resilience, interdependence, humbition and courage. Dalai Lama fellowship is spread across 25 countries with more than 100 fellows. It aims to create a global leadership network who will be the next generation leaders.


  1. Gandhi Fellowship
    Duration: Two years
    About: It is a residential program. Through the program, the leadership skills are nurtured and the fellows are prepared to impact the society at a larger scale. It also provides a grant of INR 14,000 to the fellows. The fellowship is built around five core principles; self-management, denominator thinking, enabling change through others, public systems change and grit. Throughout the four-semester curriculum, the fellows are challenged with 40 goals which involve impact, learning, fitness, reflection and general conduct.


  1. Grameen Foundation
    Duration: One year
    About: It was founded in 2013. The program provides an opportunity to the fellows to work on innovative projects led by bright minds in the social sector which are aimed to alleviate poverty and hunger. Grameen Foundation looks for individuals who have experience in strategy or management consulting.


  1. Vision India Foundation
    Duration: Three years
    About: The fellowship prepares fellows for policy entrepreneurship, politics, academics and non-profit management. Fellows are given a chance to work on live projects like those running in MP’s office, a municipal corporation, a government department or a policy researcher. The foundation also provides a stipend of around INR 40,000 to the fellows.


  1. Ashoka Fellowship
    About: With more than 3000 Ashoka fellows, Ashoka is spread across 70 countries, making it one of the largest network of social entrepreneurs. Ashoka fellowship has grown over the years and has rewarded the world with many influential changemakers.To be an Ashoka Fellow, you need to fulfill five criteria; new idea, creativity, entrepreneurial quality, social impact of the idea and ethical fiber. In an interview taken by Impactpreneurs, Anita Ahuja, founder of Conserve India who is also an Ashoka Fellow on talking about the presence and reach of Ashoka Fellows said that you will always find an Ashoka Fellow when you visit a country.


  1. Acumen Fellowship
    Duration: One year
    About: It is a leadership development program which aims to connect and cultivate social changemakers across the globe. It is operational in East Africa, India and Pakistan. Every year in India, Acumen transforms 20 individuals into social leaders. The fellowship offers five week-long seminars whilst the fellows are in their full-time job. The program also includes sessions on self-reflection, virtual content and application of these content in real-time.


  1. SBI Youth for India
    Duration:13 months
    About: SBI Youth for India provides an opportunity to young and bright minds to work with the NGOs in the rural areas. As a result, it gives them a better understanding of the problems.

Do visit impactpreneurs to find out about some of the social enterprises that graduated out of these fellowships.


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