10 Notable Energy Focussed Social Enterprises

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Energy is one of the most crucial resources for the upliftment of the society. According to International Energy Organization, India is the largest country with 306 million (a quarter of the population) without access to electricity. Pollution caused in the generation of energy is also a major concern. Impactpreneurs lists few social enterprises which aim to promote sustainable development in India.

1.  Selco Solar

selco solar

  • AimTo break the myth related to poor people that they cannot afford and maintain sustainable energy resources and also social enterprises cannot act like a commercial entity.
  • Product: Apart from products like Solar lighting (CFL and LED), Special Projects (like DC TV Solar Micro Grid etc), Solar Thermal (Water heaters), Solar Inverter, it extends financial aid to the farmers through banks.
  • Impact: Selco was established when solar energy was not known much by the rural India. It was them who made the rural mass trust solar power. Since then they have developed the living standards of the rural mass by increasing their productivity.

2. ONergy


  • Aim: To provide access to energy to BoP.
  • Product: Solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar water heating systems, solar inverters, solar street lighting, cookstoves, KW installations, solar TV, solar computer, solar microgrids and solar irrigation systems.
  • Impact: ONergy has impacted 250,000 lives by providing products which are of high-quality, high-standard and are innovative and affordable.

3. Urja Unlimited

urja lanterns

4. Greenway Grameen Infra

greenway grameen

  • Aim: To promote clean cooking by eradicating the concept of mud chullas (mud stoves). Greenway aspires to promote their modern technology stove which reduces smoke emission by 70% and also saves fuel by 65% while using these solid biomass fuels.
  • Product: Greenway Smart Stove and Greenway Jumbo Stove.
  • Impact: Greenway has impacted positively on the health (especially of women), climate and environment, time and money of many rural people.

5.  Ankur Scientific Energy Private Ltd.

ankur scientific

  • Aim: To provide energy which is green, clean, sustainable, convenient and also affordable by all.
  • Product: Biomass Gasification which converts solid fuels into a combustible gas mixture. Moreover, it also develops Solar Water Heating Systems.
  • Impact: It has encouraged social/cultural, education and economic opportunities among the people. It has reached to 800 households. Fuel cost has been saved in the fields of power generation and thermal applications.

6. Frontier Markets

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  • Aim: It targets to provide clean energy in rural and urban areas to enhance health, wealth and productivity.
  • Product: Solar Rooftop Systems, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Lanterns, Solar Torch, Solar Homelighting Systems.
  • Impact: It has impacted 145,000 households with clean energy solutions. Moreover, it has created part-time employment for 250 rural women and has partnered with 1700 rural retailers.

7. LEDsafari


  • Aim: LEDsafari aims to train students to make their own solar LED light so that they can illuminate their careers. They aim to make people solar-literates. 
  • Product: They manufacture low-cost MIY (Make-it-yourself) solar lamps. They also have their special kits (with LEDsafari e-platform) which comprise high-quality videos and animations. Through these, they train the buyer to make their own lamps. LEDsafari organizes various programs related to clean energy. These programs are Entrepreneurship Programs, Education Programs, Social Campaigns, Recreational Workshops.
  • Impact: It has not only trained 300 people but has also sold 1000 lamps in India, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

8. Pollinate Energy

sustainable energy

  • Aim: It aims to uplift the living conditions of India’s urban poor. Moreover, it supports local entrepreneurs, especially social entrepreneurs.
  • Product: Sunking Lanterns, Envirofit Cookstove, Sunking Home, Lifestraw Water Filter, Sunking Wind Fan, Infocus Smartphone, Nokia 130. 
  • Impact: It has installed 17,107 systems, reached 77,989 people and served 1,977 communities. It saves Rs. 95.7 million, 1.82 million litres of kerosene and 4.39kg of CO2 emissions. 

9. DESI Power/Decentralised Energy Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd

decentralized power supply

  • Aim: DESI Power is an independent rural power producer which aims to provide green, clean and affordable energy in rural areas. Hence, creating job opportunities and constant income generation. 
  • Product: Power stations are developed which are illuminating lives of many rural people.
  • Impact: The plants are successfully running in 3 villages. It has also developed 9 pilot power stations in different parts of India.

10. Mera Gao Power


  • Aim: It aims to bring microgrid to off-grid zones of India to provide energy at low cost. 
  • Product: Solar Powered Microgrid which provides high-quality lighting and mobile phone charging. 
  • Impact: By September 2015, Mera Gao was radiating 20,000 households from 1,500 villages of northern India. 

India won’t be developed until the rural area is uplifted. Energy scarcity is one of the reasons which pulls India from being a developed nation. Hence, realizing this fact , many social entrepreneurs are toiling to make India free from the poverty of energy.

To know more about such entrepreneurs visit Impactpreneurs.

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  1. Thanks for this – however the numbers are quite outdated- til date Frontier Markets has impacted over 145,000 households with clean energy solutions, created Parttime employment for 250 rural women, partnered with 1700 rural retailers as social enterprises selling solar

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