10 Cancer Care Social Enterprises in India

cancer day

In India, every year over seven lakh people are diagnosed with cancer, and about 5,56,400 people die because of cancer every year. This cancer day we at Impactpreneurs had a look at some of the organisations that are working hard to lessen the burden of the disease on the society. They are either coming up with cutting-edge technologies or providing psychological support to comfort the patients.

  1. UE Lifesciences

About: UE Lifesciences with its cutting-edge technologies- iBreastExam and NoTouch BreastScan, is striving to make early detection of cancer easier. iBreastExam is a portable and wireless breast scanner whereas NoTouch BreastScan is a contactless and radiation-free physiological breast imaging which is pain-free and takes less than 10 minutes to yield the result. Both the technologies are FDA (Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services) cleared.
Interesting Factor: UE Lifesciences has reached about 75,000+ women and has detected about 100+ cancers. UE was also awarded Top Innovator Award at Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge.



     2.  Cancer Patients Aid Association

About: CPAA has been working for cancer patients for over 49 years. They are toiling hard to provide “Total Management of Cancer” in India. CPAA offers tobacco advocacy, rehabilitating facilities, resolves psychological issues of cancer patients, creates awareness about cancer and also supports in the treatment of cancer patients.
Interesting Factor: CPAA has helped out over 3,00,000 cancer patients.



     3.  Navya Network

About: Navya Network has been founded by three Harvard graduates- Gitika Srivastava, Naresh Ramarajan and Hassan Sultan. It is an online platform which provides advice and support to the cancer patients. The software takes few minutes to garner the consensus of the medical experts and yields the result based on the specifications mentioned by the individual while searching.
Interesting Factor: At INR 5,000, Navya offers consultation from experts globally.



    4. Indian Cancer Society

About: Indian Cancer Society is fighting against cancer by supporting cancer patients in getting cancer insurance and providing a fund to economically weak patients to get proper treatment. Apart from this, they also create awareness, rehabilitation and survivorship programmes for the patients. They also have special childcare facility in collaboration with St. Jude India ChildCare Centres in Mumbai wherein kids with cancer are provided treatment, and nutritional and emotional support. ICS also provides a platform database of quality information on cancer for research.
Interesting Factor: ICS sanctioned amount of about Rs. 96.01 crores for 3769 sanctioned patients till 31st May 2017.



      5. Perfint Healthcare

About: Perfint Healthcare aims to provide the best planning and targeting solutions in oncology. The flagship product, Maxio provides a platform where clinicians plan, execute and validate ablation visually in 3D. Perfint’s other product, Robio which is a robotic positioning system helps clinicians  target the tumor accurately.
Interesting Factor: Perfint has won many accolades like Frost & Sullivan “Product Innovation Award in 2009, Elcina Award in 2005. It also made to the Fast Company Top 50 Innovative companies list in 2015.



     6. YouWeCan

About: Like other organizations listed above, YouWeCan also creates awareness about cancer. They also locate cancer hospitals near to the patient. YouWeCan has organized multiple cancer screening in order to help people detect cancer at an early stage and get it cured. Today, YouWeCan has partnered with about 15 organizations in order to reach to the maximum and provide aid to the maximum.
Interesting Factor: YouWeCan is an initiative by Yuvraj Singh, an International Indian cricket player who was diagnosed with cancer. He turned out to be an inspiration worldwide for all the cancer patients and their family as he survived it and continued to play cricket.



   7.  CanKids…KidsCan

About: CanKids…KidsCan support kids suffering from cancer from the age group 0-21 years. CanKids offers economical, emotional and psychological support. They also provide informal education to cancer-suffering kids. CanKids has a programme called Cankids Path Pradarshak Parivarik Sahayak Group (P3SG) where they encourage parents who have lost their kids to cancer to become parent navigators and care coordinators of the parents and kids who are under Cankids YANA – You are not Alone – Hold my Hand programme (this programme includes parents and their kid suffering from cancer).
Interesting Factor: The organization is spread to grassroots level with over 450 volunteers and employees.



     8. Cope With Cancer

About: Cope With Cancer provides financial aid and help-desk at TATA Memorial, discounted investigation and treatment for cancer, wig/hair donation and online/telephonic counselling facilities to cancer patients. Cope With Cancer organizes events to make people aware about cancer and also to support cancer patients. One such programme was a 42-day Care For Her which the organization executed in collaboration with Red FM, Cochin wherein 546 women donated hair to cancer patients.
Interesting Factor: Cope With Cancer has helped over 700,000+ cancer patients and caregivers through online and telephonic counselling.



     9. Impact

About: Impact solely works to make the lives of kids suffering from cancer better. Impact has two crucial teams; a Care Team and Support Team. Care Team comprises efficient doctors, nurses, counsellors and volunteers whereas Support Team provides specialized ward, palliative care, nursing, counsellors, lab services, medicine, accommodation, nutrition, blood camps and transport facilities to the children suffering from cancer.
Interesting Factor: Global Giving, a platform from where charity projects raise funds has ranked Impact as a top and vetted organization.


cancer day

        10. Panacea Medical Technologies

About: Panacea Medical technologies has come up with cutting-edge products for radiology and radiotherapy. Their flagship products are- Bhabhatron 3i ( it is a Gamma Beam therapy which provides high precision during Image-Guided Radiation Therapy), Bhabhatron II ( it is a 3D Conformal treatment), Imagin (a radiation therapy simulation) and Lilac (it provides digital mammography with highest image resolution).
Interesting Factor: Indian Nuclear Society awarded PMT in 2007 for its excellent usage of nuclear technology in radiotherapy equipment.


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