Year of Launch and Team Size of Social Enterprises

Vintage of SE's

Data from close to 400 Indian Social Enterprises tells us that the year 2005 turned out to be a kickstarter for SE activity in India. The new millennium saw the advent of Social Venture Capital or Impact Capital in India and it spurred the growth of Social Enterprises because it was comparatively easy for them to raise funds. The trend of number of SE launches across last 15 years gives us a sense of the tremendous growth this space has seen.

Team Size Distribution

We looked at team size data and realized that most of the Indian SE’s are very lean in terms of number of employees. Around 70% of the enterprises in our repository have less than 50 employees working for them at the moment. It could be a direct outcome of the young age of these enterprises. This data also hints at a paradigm shift in the business models of new age social startups- how the focus is shifting on leveraging the web and new technologies to reduce resource intensiveness.


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