Social Enterprise Analytics: Investment Stage and Business Model Themes

Social Enterprise Analytics:

The bigger problem that originates out of the massive data inaccessibility that exists in the Social Enterprise space in general is that it becomes incredibly difficult to get a sense of how the space is growing. The understanding that currently prevails about the space in India, for example is mostly experiential and anecdotal instead of quantitative.

Data of over 660 Social Enterprises on our platform, gives us the leverage of quantifying some of the very important metrics around the social enterprise space, two of which we talk about in detail below –

Investment Stage

Segmenting all the enterprises on the platform on the basis of the investment stage they are in (see below) gives us a sense of how the Social Enterprise space is maturing in India at the moment.


As is apparent from the graph, close to 70% of the enterprises have either raised Angel Funding or not raised funding yet. Very few enterprises have scaled up to need Series B funding and above. This is indicative of the recency of advent of social enterprise phenomenon in India. This is also indicative of a barrier in between entrepreneurs and investors which is preventing the early stage enterprises to get funded.

Business Models

We ran a text mining analysis on the business model descriptions in our data to get a sense of popular sectors for social entrepreneurship amongst the new age social entrepreneurs of today. The size of every word in the graphic below is directly related to how frequently it was used in business model descriptions of 660+ enterprises we took into account this time.

 The word cloud above tells us the following things-

  • There are as many product based social enterprises as they are service based. There are no preferences on that front for entrepreneurs as yet.
  • Renewable Energy and Environment focussed enterprises are a very popular sector for Indian Social Entrepreneurs.
  • Livelihood, Agribusiness, Water and Education are other preferences for social entrepreneurs of today.


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